A food security group was set up in Viet Nam in May 1999 on the initiative of the FAO Representative. The group is part of the ACC Network on Rural Development.

The ACC Network was established in April 1997 to promote closer cooperation among UN Agencies in follow-up to the World Food Summit. The Network brings together UN organizations, bilateral and multilateral organizations, and NGOs at different levels to promote action-oriented partnerships and country-focused efforts in support of food security and rural development. The Network’s Web site http://www.accnetwork.net provides a range of useful information, including details about activities being pursued by the Network’s thematic groups in countries all over the world. It also includes access to a wide range of useful resource materials on a variety of topics related to food security and rural development.

These Web pages will be updated regularly to share information on the group’s activities and progress.


The food security group in Viet Nam aims to provide a forum to bring together different actors engaged in food security-related activities in Vietnam.

It has three objectives:

  • to increase awareness and knowledge at the national level about food security in terms of availability, stability and access;
  • to strengthen national capacity to plan and implement programmes and activities that more effectively address all three components of food security; and
  • to increase information exchange and dialogue, and promote new collaborative activities in support of food security.


Promoting further development of food security concept in Vietnam: what are priority areas, who are food insecure. The group exchange experiences of members at the meeting and catch up date information on food security issues elsewhere in Vietnam or outside Vietnam.

1. Contribution to the improvement of Food Security Policy and Strategy towards the year 2010
The NFSC urgently needs input to improve its policy. A group of national consultants is currently working on an outline for the programme. The outline should be finalised by the end of December, the ACC group is invited to give its comments from then onwards.

2. Bring in Food Security concept in other relevant for a, such as the Consultative Group; The International Support Group; The Poverty group etc. During each ACC meeting a representative of aforementioned groups could give a short presentation on current activities/focus areas and vice versa.

3. Contribute to general dissemination of food security concept and experiences through various channels (web sites, publications, workshops)

4. Necessary advice and distributing information for the preparation of the country report for the World Food Summit; five years later.

Planned activities

The group is discussing activities in three areas:

  • advocacy and knowledge sharing to increase awareness about food security in Vietnam;
  • support to the development of a food insecurity and vulnerability information and mapping system (FIVIMS);
  • Input for the preparation of the country report for the World Food Summit; five years later

Group Members

Membership is entirely informal and voluntary. Interested organizations, not yet involved, are invited to participate. A list of members and their contact details is available here.

The food security group includes some UN agencies, NGOs, INGOs, Government Institutions and MARD

Members: UNICEF, UNDP, FAO, ActionAID, Save the Children Japan, Helvatas, CIDSE, CIRAD, World Bank, NIN, ORSTROM, Oxfam Belgium, CCF Australia, SNV, Danish Embassy, Netherland Embassy, GTZ, AusAID, NIN, Vietnam Farmer’s Union, VACVINA, MOLISA, MARD

Working Arrangements

FAO is serving as secretariat/facilitator for the food security group. The chair of the group rotates, as does the venue for meetings. The meeting will be held every 3 months regularly.

Food Security Group: April 2002 Meeting

The next meeting of the food security group will be hosted by UNICEF. It will take place on 4 April 2002 at 9am in the UNICEF Office, 12F, 2 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi. Tel: 9350028.

For further information about the food security group, please contact Ms. Satoko Ishiga, Gender and Nutrition officer.
Representative Office in Vietnam, 3 Nguyen Gia Thieu Street.

Tel: (84-4) 9424208 – 9423239 – 9424694
Fax: (84-4) 9423257
E-mail: [email protected]