FAO Volunteer Program:

The FAO Volunteer Programme was recently launched to provide opportunities for individuals to contribute their services on a voluntary basis to support the work of the Organization. Volunteers may undertake work that directly supports FAO’s activities in the area of hunger alleviation and food security or other priority areas.

Food Security Group:

A food security group was set up in Viet Nam in May 1999 on the initiative of the FAO Representative. The group is part of the ACC Network on Rural Development …more

26 FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific.

The 26 FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific will be held at the Megha Malha Conference Center of the Soaltee Crowne Plaza in Kathmandu, Nepal, 13-17 May 2002. The Regional Conference will produce and Asia-Pacific perspective for the June 2002 World Food Summit: five years later

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